The Long Wheel Part 1~ One Hand Clapping
JAD explains the workings of getting her film trailer into manufacturing:
“Recently I’ve been placing collectively a script for a teaser trailer we’re planning to shoot for our subsequent movie, “One Hand Clapping.” To encapsulate a 115 web page script into a 7-Eight web page trailer has not been straightforward. But then I don’t wish to give away an excessive amount of anyway, in contrast to what loads of trailers do these days. As I used to be going by way of the script I began remembering the historical past behind all of it.”Continue Reading…

The Long Wheel Part 2~ Dreams Awake

JAD explains the fears, beliefs and origins of reincarnation. 

“Life. Death. Rebirth. Reincarnation? Anything to that query?
Maybe, however the concern of dying and its ongoing anxiousness has all the time a really common truth, although 90% of us imagine in an afterlife (in line with current polls). Thus making it a topic for ongoing inquiry and dialogue, because it appears the true concern is the plain proven fact that dying is the best thriller of all, no less than in relation to our regular bodily actuality.” Continue Reading…

The Long Wheel Part three~ Dreams Awake
JAD sums up the historical past of beliefs on reincarnation and delves into the methods to recollect previous lives.
“Actually, in the 20th century the concept of reincarnation evolved somewhat from the more traditional Eastern version. In the east the notion of reincarnation has been looked upon in a more negative way. By having to incarnate again, one has failed to achieve the spiritual goals needed to be free of the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. Having to come back and suffer the consequences of the physical is looked upon as a type of failure.” Continue Reading…

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