Oftentimes the geology of a website performs a big position within the frequency and depth of paranormal exercise. How precisely this occurs is presently left to the realm of theories. This self-discipline, what I’m calling ghost geology, is one which has been studied by solely a handful of folks. As has been talked about on this website many occasions, and is mirrored in my guide Limestone and Its Paranormal Properties, sure rocks like limestone and granite possess particular mechanisms to soak up and launch power that we’re simply starting to know. 

The Stone Tape Theory has been skilled by practically each paranormal investigator; nevertheless, this assertion has by no means been given a tangible clarification. In the search for solutions, an exploration of one of the oldest websites on the earth will supply up its distinctive story – the peninsula of Cornwall, United Kingdom.

Geological History

In this text I hope to convey to mild a little bit extra the fantastic phenomena which might be inextricably linked to this planet’s geology, our pricey Mother Earth. The stones which have surrounded the tragic occasions inside caves and different underground constructions maintain tales inside their composition that will enlighten us – or within the least, they most definitely will convey out feelings of marvel…and terror!

The Cornwall space is situated in a geographic location that underwent large upheaval when the inside of the earth thrust up via the floor. This phenomenon known as plate tectonic folding and it occurred alongside the United Kingdom’s southernmost space over 100 million years in the past. Back then, the continent of Pangaea started to reshape itself when the Earth’s continental plates shifted. Magma rose up and cooled very slowly beneath the floor. The occasion known as the Variscan Orogeny. 

As a outcome and over time, large chunks of granite have been pushed up at random factors. They might be seen at present dotted throughout the panorama. This rock, composed of crystals, could also be a contributor to the extraordinary paranormal exercise within the Cornwall space. I’m presently researching the chances and I might be posting the outcomes on my sister web site, paranormalentanglement.com 

Matrixing Legend?

Willy Wilcox, who might solely be acquainted to these dwelling within the United Kingdom, has a really distinctive story that ties properly into the geological hauntings of its southwestern tip. His expertise inside a collapse Polperro, Looe, Cornwall is shrouded within the native legends. Back when he was alive (assuming this to be true), he was generally known as a smuggler within the space. One day it’s claimed tragedy befell him that unfolded in a most peculiar method:

“Willy Wilcox lived within the city of Polperro,

He cherished nothing greater than the style of marshmallow.

He was out for a stroll on the seaside at some point

When he noticed some naughty boys coming his method.

‘They’ll steal my marshmallows,’ he stated,

And he shortly determined to run and conceal.

He headed for a cave, working actually quick,

And hid there actually quiet, til the boys had handed.

But whereas he was in there the tide got here in,

And Willy discovered he couldn’t get out once more. 

Trapped within the cave, he started to go searching…”

The legend continues on into a lot better element as we be taught that Willy not solely finally ends up getting trapped within the cave, however he encounters a wierd creature inside named a Crumplehorn. The creature has an enormous nostril and garments that don’t match and he was made this manner by a fairy pixie. 

Willy vows to assist Crumplehorn by discovering a pixie to alter him again. They do discover one named Peter who would not actually assist, however does give them loads of marshmallows to eat. The full story, written for youngsters, might be discovered right here. 

Smuggler Willy’s spirit remains to be believed to be haunting the Polperro Cave at present. There are claims that beneath the precise atmospheric situations he might be heard screaming for assist. As you possibly can see from John Dyer’s iPhone photograph, it does seem like somebody is peering out of the darkness. Is it simply psychological matrixing or is the geology on this Cornwall space revealing a trapped soul who spent his life in pursuit of ill-gotten acquire?

A Legendary King Still Haunts?

The legends of King Arthur run deep within the Cornwall space. In the southernmost half of this peninsula lies an space named Tintagel that’s believed to have been an vital commerce middle through the fifth Century. Here King Arthur’s fortress might have existed, as archaeologists have discovered proof and a small slate plaque confirming this suspicion. It has additionally been instructed that Tintagel is Arthur’s birthplace.

From a magical level of view, King Arthur’s story performs out in two components. The first is Merlin’s cave, which is located on the base of the Tintagel peninsula. Merlin’s ghost is claimed to nonetheless hang-out this geological construction, as locals have seen him questioning its confines when the water tide drops low sufficient. There is a few controversy over the validity of this declare; nevertheless, the legend endures that this cave holds some significance with regard to Arthur’s conception by his mom, Igerna, and father, Uther Pendragon. Like the story of Willy Wilcox, the paranormal realm has its traces blurred with the oral traditions of native legends.

The second side of King Arthur’s paranormal expertise is situated at a website within the Doward, Symonds Yat – northeast of Cardiff. Here is the place a limestone cave is located that has been endowed with having hyperlinks to not solely King Arthur, but additionally to King Vortigern. His existence is much more shrouded in legend, however here’s a fast synopsis of who he was:

“Vortigern could have ruled Britain during the early to mid 400s, having grabbed the British throne from Constantine, the father of Ambrosius Aurelianus and Uther Pendragon. Vortigern then exiled Ambrosius and Uther (who were then just children) to Brittany to live with their uncle.”¹ 

In each circumstances it’s believed that the cave was a refuge all through the centuries, as archaeologists have discovered bones of a number of totally different animal varieties together with instruments utilized by people. Here too the paranormal traces are a bit blurred from the abundance of native legends tied to this cave. Here is a video of the cave as it’s used at present to coach guests concerning the life and occasions of King Arthur:

Hillside caves and underground caverns show themselves as tough sources of paranormal exercise. Generally any of the “ghost stories” are interwoven with legends, as precise paranormal proof is scant, – if it even exists in any respect. Despite this issue, there are all the time items of reality inside legends. This turns into the muse for paranormal discovery and helps to solidify the chances. 

A website that does yield positively paranormal exercise that may be straight tied to Cornwall’s granite and limestone geology is Bodmin Jail.

Here Comes the Hangman

Bodmin Jail, or Gaol because it was recognized again in its day, was the location of a number of hangings – 60 executions whole. The jail itself is made out of granite, procured from the geology of the world, excavated from “Cuckoo Quarry.” The 20,000 tons wanted to construct this edifice was painstakingly put into place by the prisoners themselves. It was accomplished in 1779. If the assertion that granite retains the mechanisms to soak up emotional and psychic energies, then absolutely each inch of the Bodmin Gaol possesses the power of these prisoners to some extent. This laborious feat, nevertheless, solely begins to scratch the floor of potential paranormal explanations.

During the interval of 1868 – 1899 4 ladies have been hanged for the homicide of their youngsters. Mary Anne Cotton murdered as many as 10 of her youngsters for insurance coverage cash. Elizabeth Berry poisoned her daughter for the exact same purpose. Louisa Masset murdered her illegitimate son, Manfred, as a result of he stood in her method of a relationship she sought to pursue.

Louisa had connected with a 19-year-old boy, a lot youthful than herself, and ready for a weekend of tussling within the sheets. On the identical weekend Manfred’s father was going to select him up and have Manfred stick with him in France. Dressing the boy in a blue frock and sailor’s hat, she took him all the way down to Dalston Junction to catch a prepare. A number of hours later:

“… an unsuspecting woman had a horrible shock when she went to the women bogs at about 6:20 p.m. and found the physique of a baby. It was a male youngster and was bare aside from a black scarf. The face and head had been battered and there have been two items of a damaged clinker brick mendacity by the physique. These have been the identical sort present in Louisa’s backyard. Manfred had been crushed unconscious after which suffocated maybe utilizing a hand over his mouth and nostril….”²

The proof that was introduced towards her in court docket was overwhelming. She was sentenced to be hanged on January ninth, 1900. The grief and subsequent panic she felt was immense. The emotional energies from her physique and the extraordinary psychic energies pulsing from her mind would have absorbed into the crystalline construction of her cell’s granite partitions. This helps to contribute to Bodmin Jail’s paranormal exercise.

The story of the fourth girl, Salina Wadge, follows the identical variety of twisted reasoning. On a visit to a workhouse close to Launceston she murdered her younger son, Harry, by drowning him in 13-foot properly shaft in close by Mowbray Park. Shortly thereafter she confessed to the homicide and was arrested. Inside the courthouse and inside 45 minutes, the jury had handed a responsible verdict for the homicide of her two-year-old son. She was sentenced to hold.

“Selina was near collapse on her final morning. Her Terror on the thought of her execution will not be exhausting to know. She anticipated to strangle on the finish of a rope In entrance of witnesses as most individuals beforehand had hers can be the primary personal execution setting and likewise the primary to make use of the measured drop created by William Marwood that calculated her drop at eight ft. Her final phrases have been ‘Lord ship me from this depressing World.’

“Her ghost nonetheless haunts the jail and tries to succeed in out to babies and instill emotions of guilt and regret on pregnant ladies a magical is that by admin experiences the youngsters have been recognized to ask who the girl within the lengthy costume crying was and that pregnant ladies get very emotional on the third and fourth flooring Salinas ghost is seen as a full torso manifestation.”³

Final Thoughts

The legends that inhabit the Cornwall space are very prevalent and date again millenia. Outside of the phenomena talked about on this article, it’s believed that this website is residence to fairies and different comparable entities. This geographic space is full of granite, an awesome conductor of power, and should assist to gasoline and protect the paranormal exercise discovered right here. Add in as properly a deep historical past of disturbing deaths and the door is open for intense experiences. Ask anybody who has visited the Bodmin Jail – they could let you know a narrative that can make the hair in your arms get up!

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Cover photograph (Newquay, Cornwall, UK) courtesy of Tamara Areshian – Flickr Creative Commons.

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