The Story of the Dragonfly

~ Author Unknown

Down beneath the floor of a quiet pond lived a little bit colony of water bugs. They had been a contented colony, residing distant from the solar. For many months they had been very busy, scurrying over the comfortable mud on the backside of the pond. They observed that each every so often one of their colony appeared to lose curiosity in going about its enterprise with its buddies. Clinging to the stem of a pond lily, it step by step climbed out of sight and was by no means seen once more.

“Look!” stated one of the water bugs to a different. “One of our colony is climbing up the lily stalk. Where do you suppose she is going?” Up, up, up it went slowly. Even as they watched, the water bug disappeared from sight. Its buddies waited and waited nevertheless it didn’t return. “That’s funny!” stated one water bug to a different. “Wasn’t she happy here?” requested a second water bug. “Where do you suppose she went?” puzzled a 3rd. No one had a solution. They had been enormously puzzled.

Finally one of the water bugs, a frontrunner in the colony, gathered all of them collectively. “I have an idea”, he stated. “The next one of us who climbs up the lily stalk must promise to come back and tell us where he or she went and why.” “We promise,” they stated solemnly.

One spring day, not lengthy after, the very water bug who had advised the plan discovered himself climbing up the lily stalk. Up, up, up he went. Before he knew what was taking place, he had damaged by the floor of the water, and fallen onto the broad, inexperienced lily pad above.

He was so drained, and the solar felt so heat, that he determined to take a nap. As he slept, his physique modified and when he awoke, he had changed into a good looking blue-tailed dragonfly with broad wings and a slender physique designed for flying.

He couldn’t imagine the startling change he noticed in his physique. His motion revealed 4 silver wings and an extended tail. Even as he struggled, he felt an impulse to maneuver his wings. The heat of the solar quickly dried the moisture from the new physique. He moved his wings once more and abruptly discovered himself up above the water. He had grow to be a dragonfly.

Swooping and dipping in nice curves, he flew by the air. He felt exhilarated in his new atmosphere. By and by, the new dragonfly lighted fortunately on a lily pad to relaxation. Then it was that he chanced to look beneath to the backside of the pond. Why, he was proper above his previous buddies, the water bugs! There they had been, scurrying about, simply as he had been doing a while earlier than. Then the dragonfly remembered the promise: “The next one of us who climbs up the lily stalk will come back and tell where he or she went and why.”

Without considering, the dragonfly darted down. Suddenly he hit the floor of the water and bounced away. Now that he was a dragonfly, he may now not go into the water. “I can’t return!” he stated in dismay. “At least I tried, but I can’t keep my promise. Even if I could go back, not one of the water bugs would know me in my new body. I guess I’ll just have to wait until they become dragonflies too. Then they’ll understand what happened to me, and where I went.” And the dragonfly winged off fortunately into its fantastic new world of solar and air.

And that’s the story of the dragonfly.

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