SpaceX launched the key Zuma spacecraft on January 7, 2018, Sunday night time and though in accordance to some media reviews, citing nameless authorities officers, have reported that the Northrop Grumman-built Zuma spacecraft could have failed after it launched into orbit we consider that the launch was successful.

Then we have now the mysterious vivid sky-filling flash that turned night time into day, big booms and floor shaking over 1000’s of miles in Russia after midnight Sunday, January 7, 2018.

And now it seems that The United States authorities plans to launch a brand new labeled reconnaissance spy satellite tv for pc, the NROL-47, at this time, if not delayed once more.

The launch of the NROL-47 spy-satellite comes solely 5 days after the launch of the SpaceX/Zuma satellite tv for pc and a 3rd labeled mission is scheduled for October.

If the NROL-47 launch is not sufficient, Space businesses in China and India are additionally anticipated to launch rockets coming Thursday.

With India there are now 5 nations (US, Russia, China, Japan, and India) who’ve launched rockets with satellites; evidently they are placing up a wall of satellites across the earth to monitor one thing.

Now let’s check out the brand from NROL-47 and also you see that it depicts the image of the Knight Templars and the phrases “Mali Nunquam Praevalebunt” which implies “Evil Will Never Prevail”

As you’ll be able to see within the emblem; A Knight Templar is swinging his sword, preventing against a dragon.

We can solely think about that they’ve chosen such a particular emblem depicting the battle between good and evil if there actually is a severe menace from house.

About the mysterious flash, growth and floor shaking occasion in Russia in addition to all different comparable occasions all over the world, in her newest report, Linda Moulton Howe means that what we are coping with right here; is an alien presence on earth and a drop of the photo voltaic system and past.

Whatever the threatening hazard from house could possibly be, the Governments with the potential assist of the aliens right here on earth have a superb purpose to convey their secret satellites/weapons into house.

By exhibiting the Knight Templar emblem, they really are telling us that they are prepared to fight against the evil, no matter it might be.

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