Date of sighting: November 15, 2017

Location of sighting: Lijiang, China

I used to be enlarging a UFO cloud photograph over China, once I observed that there have been three figures at its high middle. I additionally noticed that there was a inexperienced sq. space that was the highest of the ship poking by way of the clouds. The largest of the figures has his hand on his hips and appears to be the chief. A smaller particular person stands behind his shoulder and one other particular person is seen from the chest up on the very middle of the cloud, which might be the pilot of the craft. 

Its a well-known truth amongst UFO researchers that aliens do use clouds to cover inside. The UFO could make its personal cloud inside seconds. In this manner, they do not trigger anybody under to really feel concern of aliens. People see only a cloud under…and clouds are smooth, fluffy and stress-free. Exactly what the aliens need you to imagine. 

Scott C. Waring