Date of sighting: November 9, 2017

Location of sighting: Mars, Sol 1356

So, the NASA digital camera takes an in depth up of an object on the rover and within the background they catch, yeah, you guessed it, three indicators of life. Two of these indicators are proof of clever life, sufficient to sculpt the faces of their tradition into the stones. The third signal was of a decrease creature, a sea shell close by. 

Now I do know that NASAs motto is “For the benefit of all,” however actually, WTF? They are usually not sticking to that perception in any respect with all of the proof I’ve discovered close to the Mars rover, that is simply extra proof that NASA is only a covert opps program that trickle feeds the general public bits of data and retains the juicy discoveries all to themselves. Remember once I confirmed you proof of water trickling down the grime hill simply 2 meters from the rover…then NASA tells the world 1 yr later that they discovered water on Mars? WTH? I inform the general public straight up. NASA waits, and waits, and waits, and perhaps, there’s a .5% of an opportunity discovery by them could be reported to the general public…however perhaps I over estimated that p.c. I’ve tweeted to them 1000’s of instances about these discoveries and never as soon as have they responded to me on Twitter. Their motto needs to be modified to, For the profit of the authorities,” as a result of that is all they care about. 

Scott C. Waring