UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY: Two UFO Sightings On East Coast Florida & New York, Very Similar, March 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.


Two UFO Sightings On East Coast Florida & New York, Very Similar, March 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: 2-15-2017 and Three-Three-2017
Location of sighting: Florida and New York, USA

Here are two nice UFO sightings which might be very related and only a few weeks aside. Both occurred on the East coast, each occurred at night time with quite a few glowing objects noticed. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitnesses state:
First Video – Homestead, Florida – 02-15-17

This occurred in Homestead, Florida in 2016, a number of studies recommend it was witnessed by a lot of individuals. I’m an plane mechanic and I can not clarify this video with all my years in aviation.

Second Video – Jamaica, NY – 03-03-17

I used to be in my room fixing my blinds and I look out my window as I usually do to see the moon. As regular I see these lights beaming from a distance.

They aren’t airplanes as a result of I used to be see a few airplanes from a distance and at night time and know they do not beam that vibrant nor large.

I’ve seen the objects many months earlier than, however by no means actually paid thoughts to them as I would constantly assume it is from the JFK airport. But JFK is a bit more to the precise aspect on the sighting.

An airplane or helicopter can typically be seen as JFK airport is considerably down the road in that route.

I assumed it is perhaps bike headlights simply flashing as if a tree is in entrance of it and the wind blows the leaves round. On the precise aspect or the final beam of sunshine on the precise would constantly drift off to the precise after which seem just a few seconds or minutes once more.

Honestly if it is a UFO, that may be such a beautiful but wonderful discovery because of me being into cosmology. It’s nonetheless beaming as I kind this, besides solely two lights now seem, with a lot distance from one another.

To be trustworthy you may’t actually see it clearly on the video I’ve offered, however oh my when you had been standing the place I’m proper now
you’d know what I imply.