According to eyewitness testimony, on November 27, 2015 whereas taking part in poker at a 17th flooring condo, we heard some pops/explosions sounds that at the beginning appeared like fireworks or gun pictures. When we appeared out the window we noticed this quite unusual star-like object hovering and dropping star-like objects straight underneath it that gave the impression to be making these explosions and disappearing.

São Paulo Ovani Photo Brazil

It appeared like fireworks however nonetheless oddly was very completely different, because it appeared a quite unusual show of fireworks. The UFO would out of the blue get brighter and revert again seemingly with out a lot order. It was a bit increased than the place we have been and roughly 2 km away. 

This occurred for about 5 minutes, slowly diminishing the quantity of objects that exploded being dropped. At one level throughout this it appeared to forged a light-weight which made us suppose it might need been a helicopter. We tried to decipher what it was because it typically appeared to exhibit a helicopters habits, a comet, a drone or balloon with fireworks, however we ended ruling these issues out to on account of its unusual habits.

After or perhaps even throughout this it began shifting horizontally west, whereas nonetheless leaving a few of these objects behind, however this time it appeared extra like star mud and no explosions have been made. Some of those “stars”would veer to the appropriate and left of the thing. This occurred for one more couple of minutes or so till it appeared prefer it was consumed by this hearth with many sparks, like if it have been exploding, emitting quite a lot of mild. But it emerged out of this like nothing occurred and continued on its path west. We then went to the balcony of the condo to have the ability to see the remainder of its path. At this level it appeared to seemingly interchange many colours with out a lot order. It would normally be white/silver mild however typically it might station at a crimson like glow. It then modified path and appeared to return towards us, however then simply appeared to rise and transfer to the north east in the direction of the moon and orions belt. At this level it rose to the peak of the clouds, perhaps even just a little increased. When it reached that top it began altering path at will, shifting up or down, and at one level it appeared to zig-zag/slither. After some time we misplaced monitor of it because it appeared to mix in with the celebs.

Approximately 30 minutes later of the incidence it appeared once more at what gave the impression to be the identical place. It behaved precisely the identical means and did the identical issues as within the different incidence. This time we have been capable of seize video of it, since through the first incidence we have been a bit shocked and the battery of our telephones went out. Also, I used to be capable of see it earlier than it began dropping the objects, so we had extra time to seize its preliminary habits. Before it began dropping the objects it appeared to drop some star like objects which might some instances glow so much or just appeared like a star. The UFO additionally would seemingly glow so much and return to its “original”state. Since we have been capturing these movies by way of our telephones, it’s onerous to see what actually occurred, and after it began going additional away it turned tougher and tougher to seize on video, so we solely recorded the when it appeared. The footage captures about I’d say 30% of the magnitude of what we noticed with our bare eye.

Later within the evening, perhaps additionally 30-45 minutes after the second incidence it appeared to seem once more, this time a lot additional away close to the horizon. The mild it emitted was crimson. It then moved to the west and slowly disappeared.

This occasion was by far the weirdest factor me and my two buddies ever noticed. Nothing we’ve ever seen remotely behaved like this. At first I used to be significantly scared as a result of the explosions appeared weird and could possibly be releasing one thing within the air, however finally all of us calmed down. After the occasion we did some finding out to try to see the gap the thing was by the point sound took to succeed in us, which we got here to the conclusion it was about 2km away. We dominated out Chinese lanterns and drones because it must be fairly huge to have the ability to carry the objects it dropped and likewise because it bought to the peak of the clouds it would be very onerous perhaps even unimaginable for a balloon or drone to realize these heights.