A UFO arrived through a portal from a parallel universe? Or there’s an evidence for the occasion occurred within the sky over Colorado when out of a transparent sky out of the blue a UFO seems leaving a strange looking cloud.

Witness states: I went exterior to loosen up and noticed a strange cloud form within the sky. It was uncommon so I took a few fast footage with my digicam cellphone.

I don’t recall listening to a sonic growth nevertheless, it’s attainable that’s the reason I used to be drawn to search for. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to suppose this was a airplane breaking the sound barrier.

Later when looking at one of many photographs I observed a brown looking object above the cloud. It was both the thing that made the cloud or it kinda seems to be like one thing could have flown via the cloud in pursuit of what ever made the cloud.

Insect, hen, UFO? I can not inform what it’s. Maybe you all could make one thing of it. Let me know. Mufon case 84360.

Original massive sized picture – cloud solely:

Original massive sized picture – cloud and UFO:

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