While utilizing his telescope sky-watcher Bill Bryson recorded a doable UFO fleet crossing the moon.

Bill Bryson states that it’s not uncommon for him to see comparable objects at the least one per session however 14 objects that fly clearly in a formation could be very uncommon.

Bill: “Now I do not pretend to know really what they were – but it looks to me that either they are UFOs or Bats.”

Given that the digicam was zoomed in on the moon, it’s unlikely that the objects had been bats, bugs and even birds as they might have been out of focus.

Besides, in response to a commenter, birds fly at a pace of 25-35m.p.h. At that pace, to cross digicam parallax then the birds should fly at a mean altitude of 5,000 ft. But as Bill zoomed in on the moon, the digicam was, say at 50,000 ft. in air, so then it’s unattainable that it was a bat or chicken flight.

The first brief (slow-motion) video of Streetcap1 reveals the second the fleet consisting of about 14 UFOs flying in formation from proper to left throughout the display. The second video is the longer unique footage of Bill Bryson and reveals the UFO fleet flying at excessive pace throughout the moon.