Date of sighting: May 6, 2017

Location of sighting: Between UK & Belgium, ocean

Source: MUFON #83616

This UFO was seen over the ocean throughout a cruise to Belgium from the UK. Strangely sufficient, the UFO additionally has to small craft that got here out of it and are flying away. Since the ocean covers 75% of the Earths floor and since UFOs are air tight and fly in house, it simply stands to motive that UFOs may also journey below water (slower in fact). It additionally stands to motive that 75% of all aliens and UFOs come from the ocean too. Its simply logical. 

Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states: 

I used to be on a cruise from Southampton (UK)to Zeebrugge (Belgium). On the Saturday sixth May 2017 at 13.45 I took an image of the cruise ship from contained in the coach (by means of the window). At the time I didn’t discover something within the sky.
When we bought again on the ship I used to be going by means of the photographs and noticed the thing.
The image was taken on a Samsung S7 Edge on the utmost decision 12M.