My cousin and I have been climbing a 1.5 km excessive mountain in India and after reaching the top of the mountain I took many single images with my Galaxy S3 which has an eight mp digital camera on May 6, 2017.

As I need to take a picture of us each I put my cellphone on a close by rock as a result of I didn’t have a tripod and set a timer to take the picture.

After trying by way of the images I discovered a round shiny object in the picture which I took when utilizing the timer.

It appears the item doesn’t transfer as a result of if it was transferring the item must be a minimum of blurry and it isn’t, you’ll be able to clearly see the form of the UFO.

As I consider in alien and UFO I used to be amazed and comfortable that I by chance have photographed a UFO, regardless of I didn’t noticed it with my very own eyes. I’ve reported my sighting to Mufon underneath case 83772.