Date of sighting:  October 2016

Location of sighting:  Newcastle, Great Britain

Source: MUFON #82983

This UFO was seen this week over Great Britain and there was a mass of sightings this month from that nation. This is a pleasant photograph of the UFO. I enlarged it and you’ll see the unique and the altered colour above. 

Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states: 

I recorded a fleet of orb lights, day time footage. Looking East from Gateshead. One flying at velocity over my home. Hanging within the sky was a small silver line. The fleet had been stretched out for a distance. I went wanting and never lengthy after discovered these on the 13th and 14th of October 2016. One taking off from subsequent to my very own home. The view is taken from a hill over wanting Leam Lane property. 

The movies are of it in the future taking off to the left and the subsequent taking off from the precise however touchdown in the identical place because the day earlier than. It lands subsequent to or in considered one of two crafts hanging over the homes within the distance. On the second day zoomed in, spheres will be seen being ejected from the craft on the left. There had been no sightings reported though this was taken place very near homes. The final two photographs are of considered one of them flying previous and zoomed in. They fly at velocity and alter form and color. It’s unknown what they’re. They fly over the timber, in them and within the grass.