Case 1 – Unidentified rectangular object within the sky over Sedona, Arizona. 

On April 20, 2017 I used to be visiting the Chapel in Sedona, Arizona with my mom and sister and took a number of images of each the chapel and the assorted views round.

It was solely after I returned dwelling and seen the images on my dwelling laptop’s 27 inch monitor that I discover in one of many frames that I used to be taking consecutive images of my mom and sister that I discover an “object” within the background above the mountains within the sky.

This object is barely seen within the one body and isn’t proven within the body earlier than and after within the sequence of images that I had taken that afternoon. I didn’t witness something within the sky with my bare eye nor do I feel anybody else observed something as effectively. Mufon case 83489.

Case 2 – Cigar-shaped UFO hovering over Brooklyn. 

Witness: A really massive dimension, grey coloration object hover with none noise over Brooklyn on May three, 2017.

I personally do not know what it might be. I had a superb 15 minutes sharp view of the article. I used to be making an attempt to be rational however discover no reply, however the object was a lot bigger than a Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopter.

Unfortunately the video footage does not give again the ratio of the article. I’ve images captured additionally and after zooming I noticed the article have colours and lights. Mufon case 83501.

Case three – Violet coloured UFO captured flying in entrance of a passenger aircraft. 

Witness John Mooner: I used to be sky watching after I noticed a passenger aircraft that was approaching. I began watching the passenger aircraft because it flew throughout the sky. I then began taking images of the aircraft with my Nikon P900 Camera. It was then I noticed an object that was instantly in entrance of the passenger aircraft. The object was a violet coloration and positively had construction to it.

There gave the impression to be what at first I assumed have been spherical black home windows on the article however I then realized that they have been in reality particular person black objects transferring across the exterior of the article.

I shortly took and managed to seize the unusual object proper in entrance of the passenger aircraft. After taking the I continued to look at because the unknown object matched the planes air pace and stayed in entrance of the passenger aircraft for some time earlier than transferring off and disappearing from sight.

The passenger aircraft pilots should of seen this object by the cockpit window. The pilots made no try to alter course or keep away from the article that was instantly in entrance of them.

The pilots should of identified or been advised that the article wouldn’t collide or pose any menace to the aircraft. I solely want the pilots would come ahead and inform the world what they witnessed up there.

The was taken on April 16, 2017 12:45 PM at Newton Abbot Devon England.

Editor’s observe: John Mooner is an investigator for World UFO Photos and has witnessed numerous UFO craft over his dwelling in Newton Abbot Devon England. Thanks to Ken Pfeifer –

Case four – Hiker captured second solar or celestial object? 

I went to hike at Alta ski resort in Utah, US with my spouse.

An incoming storm was coming and after returning to our automotive within the parking space the sky was coated in storm clouds excessive winds and snow began.

A break appeared in clouds with the solar showing within the edge. I noticed a stationary sensible blue picture (blur) in the course of the storm cloud deck and took out my cellphone (galaxy s6) to seize it pondering it was a sundog reflection on clouds.

I shot the image by the sunroof enlarged it and noticed the blur was two orbs with related lighter appendages. Next I stepped out of the automotive to look to see if it was because of the polarized sunroof, but it surely was not. It was nonetheless seen to the bare eye.

The objects appear to have induced a shadow picture within the sky a long way between itself and the digicam.

The orbs remained seen for about 45 minutes until the hole within the clouds coated it utterly.

The storm entrance was transferring from west to east with wind gust to 50 mph a floor degree these objects appeared unaffected by the storm and have been stationary regardless that the wind was seemingly a lot larger on the altitude it was noticed at. The picture was taken final yr on March 12, 2016. Mufon case 83502.

Editor’s observe: Personally I feel the 2 blue objects is lens flare, however what I am questioning is the right spherical object subsequent to the blue objects. Just one other lens flare or might or not it’s one thing like a second solar or celestial object coated by the clouds?