A stay footage from the webcamsdemexico taken on November 5, 2017, location Guadalajara, Mexico exhibits a stunning sunrise at 6.57 am however one hour earlier than sunrise an enormous fog/cloud formation covers the entire space and there are a number of unknown gentle sources all passing over the place the sun was as a result of rise.

Also there’s a volcano in the background, which might have created the foggy look, however in the event you seen as the sun rose all traces miraculously disappeared, additionally the volcano itself didn’t appear to be very lively.

According to Expitaly right here we’re seeing the tell-tale indicators of geoengineering to cowl all areas round the sun particularly round the occasions of sunrise/sundown to cover unknown objects near the sun.

In the video he underlines his ideas by declaring that there’s a planet in the background that’s clearly seen when the video is slowed down. Then what we see is that the subsequent factor that occurs is that they laid out a black chemtrail as a smokey emergency motion till they might get a daily jet up in the air in that exact space.

Regardless of whether or not his evaluation is correct or mistaken, it stays an incredible sunrise above Guadalajara in Mexico.