In addition to our article: Special Report: Ancient Non-Human Body Discovered in NAZCA Peru it seems that in addition to the historic three fingered and three toed mummy, a complete of 5 mummies have been found in NAZCA Peru.

The 5 1,700 year-old mummies are extra reptilian than human. New photos of the “alien mummies” had been unveiled throughout a press convention known as “The mummies of Nazca” in Peru by Mexican ufologist and journalist Jamie Maussan.

This included X-rays of the mummified stays so Maussan might banish claims that they had been pretend or made of plaster.

Maussan alleges that of the 5 our bodies found, three of them had “characteristics that are closer to reptiles than humans.”

If their findings are appropriate than that is yet one more astonishing discovery with the potential to fully alter our shared view of historical past.