UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY: Was Justin Bieber Caught ‘Shapeshifting’ By Hundreds Of Fans, March 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.


Was Justin Bieber Caught ‘Shapeshifting’ By Hundreds Of Fans, March 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of video: March 2017

This simply in from UFOmania of Youtube. A information web site known as Perth Now had an article posted that stated that Justin Bieber was seen in an airport chaining right into a reptilian alien. That appears a bit exhausting to consider for positive, and I do not even assume cloaking would enable such a creature to cover from the general public for so long as Justin has been within the lime mild. Several issues make me assume Justin’s not a reptilian, however he could also be like Valiant Thor of Venus…an alien that’s human-like, however has angel like powers. As you see from the true picture of Val Thor above, there are a variety of similarities between the 2. Justin Bieber of Venus? Maybe, however he is defiantly not a reptilian.

First, we have now seen Justin develop up on Youtube. Reptilians would reside for 1000’s of years, simply rising as much as Justin’s top might take 4 hundred years.

Second, I’ve seen Justin in live performance right here in Taiwan and there’s no method that an alien might maintain his cloak working with live performance lights and strobes flashing like they do and cameras taking pictures all of the whereas…Taiwan concert events allow you to take pictures. 

Justin might be not a reptilian alien, however he may very well be a special species of alien, extra human like, extra clever, and utilizing his expertise to play the Hollywood sport. And actually, so what if he’s. Its not like he is in politics and manipulating America in any method. He’s a singer, so, why fear even when he’s an alien?
Scott C. Waring