There are rumors that we went to the moon however we had assist, in addition to it appears the landings filmed by Stanley Kubrick have been staged to cowl what they actually encountered on the moon: reptilians, bases, buildings, machines for mineral exploration and way more.

Lunar Anomaly.

Now, as soon as once more, an out of the place lunar anomaly has been found by Streetcap1 in certainly one of NASA’s Unmanned Lunar Orbiter images taken final yr round December.

According to Streetcap1 the shadow appears to point proper angles and parallel strains which might be a sign that the anomaly is a few kind of constructing. The scale is zero.56 meters/pixel. So it is large.

So if the landings have been staged to cover-up what they actually encountered on the moon then may it’s attainable that the invention of the lunar anomaly is such a constructing, a building constructed by an clever alien race previously?

Obviously, it can’t be confirmed whether or not the lunar anomaly is a constructing or not however we might wonder if the moon landings certainly have been staged when you hearken to the interview that Project Camelot had with Fred, a 90 yr previous former technical inspector in Aviation working for an Airline again within the 60’s. During the interview Fred recollects how he came upon a hangar in Michigan that seemed to be at the least one staging hangar for the faked a part of the Apollo Moon Landings, see second video.