While taken photographs from solar/clouds a photographer in Cheswick, PA noticed a “Manta-Ray”-shaped object in the sky on July 30, 2017 and from his location with the digital camera pointed in the direction of s/w sky he managed to take a photograph of the unusual appearance.

According to the photographer, the object, which had no seen technique of propulsion or flapping wings, moved from proper to left. Mufon case 85521.

So, the unusual appearance is an unknown creature that takes on the type of manta ray or might it’s a large oceanic flying manta ray?

Though, given the location which is much from the ocean it appears unlikely that it’s an oceanic flying manta ray, but the query whether or not it could actually fly so excessive between the clouds and keep out of the ocean for a very long time with out taking oxygen.

An identical flying manta ray form has been filmed at 20,000 ft. from a French authorities airplane window.

The previous footage beneath is from the French authorities circa 1948 and reveals round the zero.15 mark a “manta-ray”-shaped object flying above the clouds, then it drops a number of hundred ft beneath in about 1 second. The authentic frames had been movement tracked and stabilized.

There is one thing unusual about this sort of manta ray shapes that can not be defined, whether or not it’s an oceanic flying manta ray or one thing from different worlds.


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