On June 17, 2017 the Popocatépetl Volcano, Mexico began erupting on which Kat Martin determined to file the eruption within the occasion of an enormous eruption, if it occurred.

Although an enormous eruption didn’t occurred she recorded one thing very unusual within the clouds above the volcano, as a bizarre factor emerged from a principal cloud flying in the direction of the digital camera.

At first look she thought it was a small rogue cloud however after trying on the object once more it seems to be stable when it first appeared earlier than it became one thing with on the finish what appeared like a tail shifting forwards and backwards.

Kat Martin, who didn’t improve the footage in any respect, stated that she can’t clarify the bizarre object and suggests if it might be an angel or one thing like an area creature?

Note: The incontrovertible fact that it comes out of that principal cloud a unique coloration and goes the wrong way of the remainder of the clouds which is in opposition to the wind, means that it’s one thing completely different than only a small rogue cloud, but when it’s a cloud then how does that occur?


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