Charlotte Saunders Ferguson posted on her Facebook web page a video in the place you may see that Hurricane Irma took all the ocean waters in Long Island in the Bahama’s. Charlotte shocked by what see witnessed wrote “bible prophecies being played out right here and now it’s like God opened the red sea for Mozes, God is amazingly powerful.”

If you see the video under than it’s fairly comprehensible that she was shocked by what see witnessed. Now there may be a lot dialogue on the net about how it’s potential that every one the ocean waters immediately disappeared.

Well, there may be nothing “Natural” about the sudden disappearing from the ocean waters. It has every thing to do with Water Vapor Generation in advance of the storm that shall be sucked up and dropped on Florida in torrential rain.

Circular In-Place Simultaneous and Coordinated Bursts of Rapid Evaporation combining to create the bands of Irma, and that actual course of will be seen all through this storm’s improvement.

From begin to end, the bursts are the solely motive this storm exists in any respect, they usually show the artifical and deliberate origin.
The truth of the matter is that this Global Water Vapor Generation System that created Irma from scratch all the method throughout the Atlantic in Africa, has existed and been underneath improvement for over half a century.

The exact same bursts seen all through this storm are identifiable on satellite tv for pc imagery from the 60s and 70s. Granted, there have been significantly much less of them and this technique was far much less widespread, however this technique of climate has been hidden from the public in plain sight for no less than 50 years

Below Charlotte’s ocean video adopted up with a superb video displaying how such a Global Water Vapor Generation system wotrks.