Date of discovery: February 20, 2017

Location of discovery: Mars

Mars date: Sol 1611

I discovered this white rabbit in two completely different Mars Curiosity Rover photographs at this time. Both photographs have been uploaded over the weekend so they’re as contemporary because it will get. The object has two lengthy ears or antenna on one finish. I name it a rabbit, as a result of about 6 years in the past NASA discovered a furry six legged creature that was white with two transferring ear! Yes…its on their NASA web site (click on right here to view my publish and sources).

Anyways, this creature appears to be snuggled up in opposition to a darkish rock face and never far behind it…a couple of half a meter is a child white rabbit. Now its not an actual rabbit, only a title NASA got here up with to explain the Mars creature years in the past. 

This is nonetheless a dwelling creature, whether or not its a fungus white plant or a transferring white animal…does not matter. Its there and never one shut up of the creature was launched to the general public. How can a 2 billion greenback science exploration rover not see it! I imply this factor stands out like Trump at democrat rally.  Its simply 5 meters away! If NASA is not actually going to do their job with the rover, then they ought to flip management over to a public company that can. It is the publics tax cash that paid for it. 

Scott C. Waring

 The second picture with the rabbit is beneath.