On July 9, 2017, a resident of Sanford MB in Canada was making hay when he seen that one thing very unusual occurred in the sky.

According to the witness, it was as the clouds appeared to funnel in the direction of a dark object, which at first look regarded like a dark human-like determine standing on high of a cloud earlier than it became a dark elongated shape.

Although he felt freaked out throughout seeing, he then witnessed the elongated shape fired one thing into the air.

As it was dark shortly and he had a whole lot of work to do, he obtained again to concentrating on his job as an alternative of staring to the object that sat in the sky, however not earlier than he took some pictures of the object in addition to he recorded the unusual look in the sky which information he has submitted to the Mutual UFO Network (Mufon case file) for additional investigation.

You can see the witness’s unique video of the unusual occasion, which begins at the second the dark elongated shape fires one thing into the air at the following Mufon hyperlink: