A staff of researchers examine the alleged landing of an Unidentified Flying Object in Peruíbe, near São Paulo in Brazil..

The occasion already occurred within the early hours of October 7, however was stored confidential as to not entice the eye of onlookers. An official assertion has been launched on Thursday, October 19, 2017.

During the investigation native authorities determined to shut the realm, which is positioned on the again of a home on Rua 19, within the Balneário São João Batista three neighborhood, not too distant from the central half of the town, for the general public, to keep away from that onlookers may hamper the work of the researchers.

Residents residing near the alleged landing web site reported seeing a gentle on a terrain at daybreak, afterwards they discovered marks on the vegetation.

Other residents reported that on the time of the alleged landing, the properties within the environment have been with out electrical energy, whereas a couple reported that they noticed a beam of gentle on that floor, and in one other second, that gentle approached their home.

Researcher Saga Susseliton Souza explains: “We have looked at it and we already have noticed that it was something that was not made by a human. It was a UFO that landed there in circular movements, given the fact that the vegetation was not broken, but just bent.”

“Peruíbe Prefeitura has carried out the marking of the terrain and aerial images of the vegetation that was altered. We are still in the research phase, but we have already collected images, analyzed the terrain and heard the witnesses so we hope to get clarity on this strange event the coming days”, Sara stated. (Credit pictures G1.globo.com – Above textual content is a translation.)