With the specter of a 3rd world battle, we could ponder whether the aliens ship us one other warning as has occurred earlier than.

According to Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who handed away final 12 months on February four, 2016, aliens got here to Earth throughout weapons exams at US missile bases and the well-known White Sands Proving Ground within the New Mexico desert – the place the world’s first nuclear bomb was detonated in 1945.

Once once more the aliens visited our planet to stop a nuclear battle between the US and the Soviet Union initially of the Cold War.

Edgar Mitchell has spoken to many Air Force officers who labored at these silos through the Cold War and so they instructed Edgar that UFOs have been incessantly seen overhead and infrequently disabled their missiles.

On Saturday October 23, 2010 some 50 intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) have been knocked offline by what the Pentagon calls a “communications malfunction” however it’s extra possible that the aliens have been concerned within the incident which affected roughly ten p.c of the US ICBM nuclear arsenal for a interval of about 45 minutes on the Warren Air Force base in Wyoming.

Without going into particulars, everyone seems to be conscious of what’s presently occurring in and round North Korea and with tensions excessive there may be actually a terrific threat that it goes horrible improper.

With World War 3 across the nook, the aliens will undertake a brand new attempt to keep us from going to battle?

Video beneath: UFO disables Missile.